The sculptor Polyte Solet

Lucien Burquier alias Polyte Solet

Polyte Solet alias Lucien Burquier was born in 1943 in the small village of Tour en Savoie, France. His passion for the ocean and the journey is leading to build its own molded wooden sailboat to go see the world. Chance of life gives him the opportunity to learn to momentarily sculpure wood and discovered a true vocation.
After several years of travel on his sailling boat "Lucetia", it tooks him to Europe, Africa and South America and he finally crossed the Cape Horn in 1985. Chile is a revelation then, Lucien was captivated by the flora and fauna of this country and it is for him a new source of inspiration. Then, he settled in the city of Concepcion in Chile where he met his future wife Angelica, with who he founded his family.

Overthere, he restarts the sculpture inspired by the marine world and the creatures that crossed during his travels. By combining the technique of laminated wood that he's mastering perfectly and the careful choice of wood species, he makes sculptures with soft and harmonious curves, reminiscent of nature. From this knowledge has spawned numerous works of art and has built its reputation on an international level artist.

He signs his works under the stage name "Polyte Solet". In the Savoy local language, "Polyte Solet" means Hyppolyte the lonely man. It was originally a veteran of the Great War 14-18 who started the spring in the forest and to return to the village early fall with long hair and a large beard. Lucien had been baptized like this by Nino, a friend of his father because he had the habit of leaving beard and hair longer than normal. 


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