The expertise of the laminated wood.

Les étapes de fabrication

In twenty years, the sculptor Polyte Solet has developed a real expertise. Polyte Solet is a sculptor with golden hands and each piece is unique. "Unique" is a word that often comes to the workshop and it is in his workshop in Chile, he uses the technique of the laminated wood to give life to his work.

This is the same technique as the laminated wood for boats, so we're still in the theme of the sea. To do so, it sticks layers of wood that intersect to create a rough model of the future object. Then he sculpts "by hand" the object to achieve the final model that recall the pure forms of nature and the marine world.

"This is a long and difficult process. Every detail is looked after in order to obtain a unique and perfect model that only human hands can create." Lucien Burquier - 2016


The theme of nature

Whale tail PolytesoletThe woodworking of Polyte Solet addresses the theme of nature, like penguins, foxes, ducks, dolphins, sharks, whales and others. The central concept of the artist's work is perfectly recreate the lines that nature offers us and apply them to everyday life of human beings, integrating them in a functional form. The hydrodynamics of marine mammals is fully exploited in his sculptures and are incorporated everywhere bringing to achieving a cozy atmosphere.




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