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Access to and use of this Web site is governed by the terms and conditions described below, and the rules applicable in the Republic of Chile. Therefore, all visits and all contracts and transactions on this site, as well as its legal effect, are governed by these rules and subject to this legislation.
The terms and conditions contained in this instrument shall apply and shall be considered as part of all the acts and contracts made or held by supply and marketing systems included in this web site among users of this site and POLYTESOLET LTDA. 

1 - User registration or customer.
It will be a requirement for the purchase of goods and services on this site, the acceptance of these conditions, the registration by the user and by the definition of a password. These Terms and Conditions are recognized and accepted by the simple act of recording.
The registration of each user is verified by completing and signing the form for this purpose on the site, which is done automatically using a "click" on the respective element.
2 - Password.
The user will have, once registered, a name and a password that will allow access personalized, confidential and secure.
The user will be able to change the password, which must be submitted to the procedure laid down in the respective site.
The user assumes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of its secret key registered on this site, which allows it to make purchases, devservices requests and information. This key is for personal use and disclosure to third parties not involved is not the responsibility of POLYTESOLET.
3 - The users of this site.
The user enjoys all rights under the law on consumer protection in force in the territory of Chile, and also those granted in these terms and conditions.
The user shall at all times information, rectify and delete personal data in accordance with Law No. 19,628 on the protection of personal data.
The only visit of this site does not require the consumer's obligation unless unequivocally accepted the terms offered by the supplier, as stated in these terms and conditions.
4 - Payment that can be used on this site.

The products and services offered on this site can be paid via:
    at. bank deposit on the account Polyte Solet as indiquations provided at the time of the order.

5 - Formation of consent in contracts through this site.

Through this site, Polytesolet made offers of goods and services, which can be accepted by the acceptance, electronically or by phone, using the same mechanisms as the site offers for it.
Any acceptance of the Offer is subject to the condition that the offeror commits the transaction. Therefore, for any operation carried out on this site, confirmation and / or validation or verification by the offeror is required to formalize consent. To validate the transaction, the applicant company must verify:
    1. valid and accept the payment method provided by the user.
    2. That the data recorded by the customer on the site correspond to those provided upon acceptance of the offer.
To inform the user or consumer of this validation, the company will send to the same e-mail address registered by the user.

6 - Delivery.

For purchases through the web page, the coverage of delivery is understood only in Chile and Chile.
Products purchased on the Site are subject to terms of shipping and delivery of transportation chosen by Polytesolet Ltda.
Shipping location information is the sole responsibility of the user.
Products purchased will be sent via a transport chosen by Polytesolet Ltda. to the address at the time of purchase. This expedition takes about 7 to 10 working days of receipt of purchase and product realization.
Prices do not include transportation of goods. Transportation costs are borne by the customer who pays the carrier at the time of delivery and receipt of products.
For purchases outside Chile, the customer can contact customer service by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a personalized estimate including selected products and transportation costs to the corresponding abroad (outside of Chile).

7 - Right to retract.

In contracts through this site, the user or the consumer can not terminate the contract concluded. However, the supplier may seek the best possible solution to customer satisfaction, but is not mandatory for it. No product can be exchanged following a misuse of the site.
All Polytesolet products are hand-made. A article is not exactly the same as another. The hue and details may be slightly varied from one room to another. Therefore, the pictures of our products on this site are not contractual.

8 - Use of personal data on the site.
The data mentioned in these terms and conditions should be designed to validate purchase orders and improve information work and marketing of products and services provided by the company.

9 - Validity of offers contained in this site.

Prices of products and services available on this site are not necessarily applicable to other sales channels used by companies such as physical or other stores.
Polytesolet can modify any information contained on this website, including those relating to goods, services, prices, stocks and conditions at any time without notice.

10 - Promotions.
Promotions offered on this site are not necessarily those offered by other sales channels such as physical or other stores, except as expressly stated in this site or advertising by companies for each promotion.
11 - Conflict resolution.
Any difficulty or dispute under these terms and conditions, acts and contracts referred to above shall be settled by arbitration The parties shall appoint one arbitrator by agreement, and failing agreement will be appointed by the ordinary courts, and in these cases will be appointed a lawyer who served as Professor of civil law at the University of Chile and Católica de Santiago for a period of at least two years. The place of arbitration shall be the city of Santiago.

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